1st Regiment of North Carolina Union Volunteers, Co.A
1st Regiment of North Carolina Union Volunteers, Co.A

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Beginning in the Spring of 1862, the 1st Regiment of North Carolina Union Volunteers was organized at New Bern and other towns in the recently occupied Union territory of eastern North Carolina. Over the next few years, ten companies of infantry were formed in this regiment. In the Fall of 1863, the 2nd Regiment of North Carolina Union Volunteers was organized and five companies were formed, and were eventually consolidated with the 1st NC Union Volunteers in Feb., 1865. In all, about 1,300 men from eastern North Carolina joined these two regiments to fight for the Union against their Confederate neighbors.

The project to extract and to post online the records of the men of the 1st and 2nd Regiments North Carolina Union Volunteers is in progress. The data has been extracted from the Compiled Service Records (from the National Archives, Washington, DC). These records list each soldiers name, rank, whether he was an officer, noncomissioned officer (NCO), or enlisted man, his regiment, company, when and where he enlisted, his age, the county where he was born and remarks. The remarks section might include information such as: if the soldier was wounded, captured, killed in action or died of disease, also if he was transferred, deserted or was missing in action.

A master index is concurrently being created for each regiment. This index contains links to the transcribed records pertaining to a specific soldier. Because of transfers within the regiments, there may be multiple index records for each individual, one for every company in which he served. Click on the Soldier's Name and you will go directly to that record for that person. There may be differences in the spelling of a soldier's surname and even variations within a soldiers records. In these cases, there are multiple index records for that soldier in which each surname is listed first. Please check all possible spellings of each surname.

Click here for a Service History of the 1st and 2nd Regiments of North Carolina Union Volunteers, and the battles it participated in. Click here for a Regimentsl History of the 1st and 2nd Regiments of North Carolina Union Volunteers.


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